A downloadable game for Windows

Controls are in readme in zip folder.

Ninja is a side-scroller beat-em-up. 

This game features 7 unique enemies each with their own attack type and required play-style to defeat.  The ninja alongside his attack and attack dash can throw kunai that can be switched between 4 different kunai. The Ninja can also slide under projectiles and jump over certain enemies. It also features a unique score system with a multiplier which upon death adds up at the end while scrolling and adding all the dead bodies of the people you killed. The enemies also feature coloured variations which give unique special attributes to the enemies like increased knockback resistance or double health making them even more formiddable and making the end screen even more glorious if you get a huge score. The game also features a health pack system that is quite forgiving but enemies can also pick them up.

Ninja features keyboard controls and PS4 controller controls which is the preferred way of play if a controller is available.

Install instructions

Extract the zip and launch the executable. controls are in the readme.


Ninja.zip 66 MB


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As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!
With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!


Thanks for playing! I just want to remind you that you can slide under the projectiles, and that you can also use the different kunai you have to combat the different types of enemies, for example the enemy that attacks instantly needs to be stunned with the stun kunai or just skipped with the teleport kunai. Also keep moving as health pickups spawn when killing red enemies or when you're low but be careful, the enemies can pick them up too. Also when you dash, if you turn around at the end of the dash you can double attack the same enemy.